5 Tips for planning the perfect honeymoon

The concept of honeymoon originated in the west. Even when the western culture promotes living together before marriage to understand each other correctly, honeymoon is important to them to get the start to a committed journey right. But in India, we practice a different culture. Especially in the southernmost states, the brides hardly know the grooms before the wedding. In such cases, it is even more essential to organize a honeymoon for the couple for them to get to know each other better. To embark a beautiful journey together. In this Instagram era, every nook and corner of the world looks attractive, and couples have a hard time planning their honeymoon. Every destination seems picture perfect, and it is not easy to arrive at a decision. Allow us to help you to plan the perfect honeymoon by providing the following tips.

1.      It doesn’t hurt to decide early, but on the contrary, it benefits you!

Well, wedding planning can be initially exciting. But whom are we kidding? Towards the end, it can be utterly exhausting — the tryouts, opinions, surprises, and shocks. And once it gets over, comes the honeymoon. Oh No, please do not think that you can decide about the honeymoon after the wedding. So many things could go wrong. Your mind will be exhausted, your decisions could go wrong, and flight tickets could be expensive. It might not turn out to be the experience you were looking for when you set out for your honeymoon. Hence, do not hesitate to plan your honeymoon along with the wedding planning. Do book your flight and hotel tickets at least 3-6 months in advance to experience the best deals and offers. It might indeed benefit you in multiple ways.

2.      Do not let the budget slip

Financial planning of your honeymoon is highly essential. Remember that you have just spent on a wedding! Do understand the main cost areas of your trip. Categorize them and allocate a budget for each of these activities such as flights, accommodation, food, souvenirs, sight-seeing, miscellaneous expenses, shopping, tips, etc. if you are going abroad, do not hesitate to calculate the budget against the currency value of that country as well. Also, do not let the hidden costs surprise you.

3.      Decide the type of honeymoon you want

This is a crucial aspect of honeymoon planning. Before deciding the location, do understand what excites your partner. He or she might not share the same interests as you, and that is entirely alright. Try to accommodate the other person’s interest too. Understand if he is a beach person or prefers hill-stations. Their interest in art, culture, adventure, etc. can also be considered to avoid a dull honeymoon at a location you do not enjoy.

4.      Plan with your partner, but keep a little element of surprise!

While doing the honeymoon planning, you can discuss the itinerary with your partner in advance to ensure that you are on the same page. But if you know that some element of the itinerary will make the other person ecstatic, you can keep it a surprise to make your partner happy.

5.      Do consider these while planning …

Staying indoors during the entire period of your stay will not give you the best experience to cherish in the future. Hence choose destinations where you can plan activities to entertain both of your interests. Also, remember not to use other people’s itinerary. What worked for them might not work for you. Do consider the best time to visit the destination under consideration for deciding the location.

If you are planning a honeymoon now, we hope that these tips help you to plan the perfect honeymoon of your dreams.  

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