best place for wedding shoot in kerala

Best places for wedding shoot in Kerala

North Indian destination weddings and expensive Italian weddings are not new for Indians.  We have been reading and viewing about them for years now.  Every couple want to design their dream wedding taking inspiration from the million dollar wedding shoots we have been watching. Do you think that we can pull off such dreamy shoots in Kerala? Do you think we have such amazing wedding photography and videography services? Before you even considering to say no, we can explore the enchanting locations in Kerala, shall we?


Known as the rice bowl of Kerala, Alappey has prominence in the economy of the state. Be that as it may, the landscape of this place is breath-taking. Covered with paddy fields and coconut trees all around, Alappey indeed offers you lush greenery. The backwaters and other water bodies surround this place to make it look like heaven on earth. As the cherry on top, you will also see many house boats in and around Alappey to provide you a unique floating experience. If you are hiring photographers with real ideas and skills, there is no limit for them create a photographic masterpieces with your wedding shoot in Alappey. Dream pictures is an amazing wedding company which offers wedding studio and planning.

Fort Kochi

Ah Kochi! You must have heard Kochites saying that Kochi isn’t just a place, but a feeling! When you plan a wedding shoot in Kochi, remember to hire a wedding company who can capture not just the visual elements but the feeling altogether in their shots.  You need an excellent wedding photography and videography service who can do justice to the location. Because this land is traditional and modern at the same time and you can shoot your dream portraits in any way you want it to be. There’s no scarcity for scenic or rustic spots. All you have to do is to visualize the output you want in advance to choose the locations in and around Kochi carefully. If you cannot do it by yourself, seek a wedding company who can do it for you. This land will never disappoint you. Your wedding shoot will be the story you want to cherish for a life time.


Kumarakom is such a beauty by all means. Your dream wedding shoot will be the best if you would like to capture it in the lands of Kumarakom blessed with the presence of Vembanad Lake.  But if you would like a modern tale, Kumarakom might not be ideal for you. However, this place is a goldmine of scenic views. Nature has blessed this land with clear waterbodies and flora. Everywhere you turn can provide you with beautiful frames. The beauty of the backdrop will never cease to amaze you. With the right wedding studio and planners, you will be able to pull off an amazing wedding album.


Are you a hillstation person? Do you want your wedding shoot to be in mist surrounded with acres of tea plantations? Well, think no more. Munnar is the ideal location for your wedding shoot in Kerala. Munnar is renowned for its splendid beauty derived from the green carpets made of lushes, plantations, and forests spread across hills, valleys, and meadows.  This place has alluring locations and captivating experiences in store for you. Top station, Mattupetty dam, Kolukkumalai tea estate etc are some of the spots around which you can shoot your wedding album. The climate, experience or the output will not disappoint you. But remember to find a wedding company who can transfer your imagination and beauty of the location to beautiful images.


Calicut is home to culinary specials in Kerala. When it comes to wedding shoots, Calicut has many locations you can explore and capture. The most celebrated wedding shoot location in Calicut is indeed the beach where you can films your wedding album in the beautiful sunset.

Kerala is known as God’s own country in the world. The beautiful landscape and the variety of it contribute to this appreciation. The location options in Kerala for your wedding shoot is not limited. You can either complete your shoot in any of the above location or you can combine to or more to create an amazing saga. And Contact Us For Fill Your Memories With Beautiful Frames.We have Best Wedding Photographers In Kerala

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