Difference between traditional wedding photography and modern wedding photography

Wedding photography is a million dollar business in India. Now young couples want to explore different styles of photography to capture the precious moments of their lives. Wedding companies are incorporating different styles to stand out.  And there are so many styles to learn about, indeed.

What is traditional photography and videography services?

We have witnessed the evolution in wedding photography and videography services in the past decade along with the advancement in technology as well as social media. Traditional wedding photography and videography services only captured images which were posed, moved and directed. Besides, it mainly focused on family pictures and important ceremonies. The imagination and creativity are limited in this style as the families settled for on stage pictures or the pictures clicked at the auditorium. There wasn’t much to toy with for the photographers to inculcate imagination. It was common, un-challenging and monotonous. There was no excitement for wedding companies or the clients to see the output. On the other hand, now there are exciting elements to wedding photography than ever before.

Photographers, not event managers!

You do know how a typical Indian wedding goes, don’t you? Photographers end up controlling the show. There were no wedding planners or event teams until recently to manage events. Wedding companies were meant only to capture pictures. The photographers ran weddings. But these days the geography of the event venues and nature of photography are vastly changing. The domain is evolving. There’s more to wedding photography and videography services than posing in weird body language. When photographers get more time to focus on photography and their skills than managing events, they produce brilliant results.

Candid is the new trend

Weird poses, grumpy faces, and fake smiles will cause many takes and retakes. It will result in bad photos. Photographers asking you to smile, move or act is not comfortable either. Induced artificiality is another demerit. Candid photography and videography services help you to avoid all these problems. Candid photography is called photojournalism as you will receive natural images of people and situations.

Heard of illustrative photography and videography services?

Illustrative wedding photography is gaining wide attention these days. It focuses on the background, frames and lighting more. Instead of wedding venues these shoots are carried out in beautiful locations. The photographers should be able to capture the background landscape in a better way while doing illustrative photography.

Want 360 degree views?

One of the most advanced techniques of recent times which created drastic changes in the field of wedding photography landscape is the arrival of drones.  Aerial photography is one of the latest trends in practice by the wedding companies. Camera’s mounted on drones or similar devices to capture aerial views. It will help to create a bird eye view visuals. The scenic beauty of visually pleasing locations are magically captured with these devices used for photography and videography services.

Vintage never goes out of style!

Even in 2019, the love for vintage photography for the millennial is exquisite. There’s a huge demand for vintage photography and videography services as couples like to dress up in vintage clothes and use traditional artefacts to capture their precious wedding moments. And not any wedding photographer can bring the magic of taking us to another era through the enchanting photographs. But who wouldn’t want to recapture the beauty of past and keep them for future?

The most commonly used styles are detailed above, but the list does not end here. With the changes in technology and improved lenses and devices, the landscape of wedding photography and videography services is only going to change more in the coming years.

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