Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore

5 Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Places in Bangalore

Bangalore! The urban dream of south Indians. Located in the same altitude as Mysore, Bangalore provides incredibly perfect weather you will enjoy while you are there and miss once you leave the place. With more and more youngsters moving and settling in Bangalore, it has become inevitable to find the perfect couple photoshoot locations to meet the dreamy imaginations. Bangalore does indeed have the locations which can make your pre-wedding shoot and candid photography dreams come true! , Here the Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore. Lets Explore With Dreampictures !

1. Lalbagh

Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore

2018 has witnessed very expensive weddings in India and now we are known for our big fat weddings. Even if the wedding isn’t big fat, definitely the bar has risen beyond measures. The wedding dreams are now more miraculous than ever. When it comes to wedding photoshoot in Bangalore, the expectations have outgrown the normal standards and existing practices. Hence to make your wedding film a unique experience, you need enchanting couple photoshoot locations around Bangalore to capture the frame. If you are looking for pre- wedding photoshoot locations in Bangalore, without a doubt Lalbagh will do the magic. It doesn’t matter what your dream pre wedding shoot entails. Lalbagh has got everything. Envisioned by Hyder Ali the ruler in 1726, it was a major botanical garden project. Situated in over 240 acres of land in south Bangalore, it is home to more than thousands of species of plants. Your pre-wedding album or film can become vividly amazing with the views Lalbagh can offer. At the same time your wedding story will have the luxury and elegance of history to uphold. What more do you need than amazing lush greenery, mesmerizing views, rich historical and cultural background, beautiful lakes and exquisite flowers for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore? Let your fairytale shoot begin!

2. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is the silent pride of Bangalore city. In the heart of the city spreads a park which is rich in greenery. Built in 1870, this place offers abundance is flora and fauna which is beautiful to experience. This park keeps the Bangloreans sane in the tough urbanized life. When it comes to pre-wedding photosoot locations in Bangalore, Cubbon Park will serve as an unmatched shoot location. The greenery, well maintained gardens, statues and lawns will be the perfect backdrop for the picturesque you are hoping for.

3. Nandi Hills

Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore

Nandi Hills! The most sought out destination in Bangalore. Who doesn’t know the place? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the mist and watch the sunrise at Nandi at least once when you are in Bangalore? The place is so mystical and enchanting that your pre wedding photosoot locations in Bangalore at Nandi will be the best experience for you and your team. And being able to capture your best moments at the peak of the most visited tourist destination in Bangalore indeed will be extraordinary. The rocks, lush greenery, mist, majestic hills and caves will certainly provide the output that you require for your shoot.

4. Brigade Road

You must be wondering what one might do in Brigade road which is one of the busiest streets in Bangalore? It is very well located at the heart of the city. The streets are always crowded. There is a good mix of big brand stores and local street vendors on the both sides of the roads? Again, wondering why brigade road is on the list? Well, this location is for the bravehearts among you who want to feature the exact urban life in their pre wedding photosoot locations in Bangalore. It can be a modern story which depicts the insanity yet the beauty of urban life in your wedding story.

5. Bangalore Palace

Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore

Constructed in 1873, Bangalore palace is an architectural wonder of its own. If you are planning a destination wedding and royalty is your theme, you better not get confused with your choices. Bangalore palace is incredibly majestic and the ambience of the place will make you feel like royalty. This is a must consider location for your prewedding shoot as the palace itself and the palace ground covers everything you can possibly ask for. There are traditional, royal, artistic and natural elements in the palace your photographers can play with to produce the best pre wedding album there ever is.

Well, now you know the best Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore where you can get your pre-wedding shoot done. Do not hesitate to visit these places if you can in advance to decide which location will capture your dream better and Contact Us For Beautiful Photoshoot

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